[Auction] DoubleChest - Mushroom Soup

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  1. This Auction will be held here, and the highest bidder will receive the DoubleChest at my res - /v 6814.

    The bid starts with 70r


    -Only bid 100r or fewer to 10r at a time
    -The highest bid at 12:00 P.M. (Central Time) will claim the Dc of Ms.
    -Any bid higher than 100r at a time will be ignored, so don't bother.
    -Do not bid the highest, and then 'quit', as that is very annoying and bothersome.
    -Don't bid if you don't have the amount of rupees you claim you have.

    ..Let the bids begin!
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  3. Highest bid: Amazin with 70r lol
  4. 3 bumps... lol
  5. Watch the spacing between those bumps, the general guide is 3 hours.
  6. All right, thx
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.