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  1. Hey guys running here with another great auction for all of you

    Item: Double chest of xp bottles in stacks or 3456 xp bottles

    Starting bid: 6k

    Minimum increase 500r

    Auction ends: 168 hours after last bid. a week. I just want to make sure u guys have a chance if someone is gone for a few days or something like that!

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  2. didnt the rules said that you can only held an auction 1 at the time?:confused:
  3. My other auction has ended! didnt break a rule :p
  4. yay my first bidder!!
  5. 7000 rupees.
  6. bump thanks matheus
  7. ehh why not 8k
  8. You should post pictures properly next time.
  9. whats wrong with my pictures??
  10. They are in a .zip file, just do the pictures. :D

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  11. well i have a mac it doesnt work like that sorry
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.