[AUCTION] Double Chest of string !

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by SkullHair, Nov 8, 2012.

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  1. Pick up at smp1 1516
    Biding starts at: 250
    You have to bid atleast 10 higher than the last bid.
    Auction ends 6 hours after last bidder !
  2. I paid you 1500 r. Please let me know when the access chest it ready. Thanks.
  3. I paid November 8th.
    Please let me know when I can pick up the Double Chest of String.
  4. I paid for this auction weeks ago, and SkullHair has not responded to public or private messages, and I still have not received the double chest I won and paid for.

    SkullHair has been on smp1 a few times since I paid and messaged him, but he has not been on the forums.

    If anyone sees him on smp1, would you please ask him to log into the forums and complete his auction? Thank you.

    I do not want a refund, I just want the string that I won and paid for.

    I would not bid on any other skullhair auctions, as he does not follow EMC auction rules and you may not get the items you won and paid for.

    Thank you.
  5. guys so sorry exams i couldnt play i could only log in for a minute and get off i have set up the chest for the winner on my res sorry.
  6. Congrats, Jungle shop guy :p
  7. Thank you for finally setting up the access chest at your res. It works. Just one issue. There are only 16 full stacks of string and one partial stack. Obviously, there needs to be 54 stacks of string to make a full double chest.

    Please let me know when the double chest is full of string so that I can pick it up.

    Thank you.
  8. This auction, that I paid long ago, is finally delivered. Thanks.
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Not open for further replies.