Auction: Double Chest of Stone (Smooth Stone)

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  1. Item: One double chest of Stone (smooth stone)

    Starting Price: 1500 Rupees

    Minimum Bid: Increase: 100 Rupees

    Auction End Time: The auction will end 24 Hours after the final valid bid has been placed

    Auction Pickup: The winner can pick up at 8835 on SMP4 after payment has been made
  2. bleah I'm not rich enough to get into a bidding war with a diamond supporter
  3. That's not the spirit at all, you might win :)
    Oh, and 2150r
  4. Gah, Gap'd
    I'm guessing you mean 2.1k...
    But, anyway, 2200
  5. :S?
  6. 2.6k
  7. 2.8
  8. Time zone bump
  9. 2.9 r . . . and is a time zone bump and different that a normal bump? This is going to drive me crazy . . .
  10. any* than* fail x.x
  11. I call it a time zone bump, which I do about every 8 hours so that people from Europe, East Coast, West Coast, Asia and Australia get to see the auction without having to dig down to far in the auction thread
  12. I still don't get it because everyone sees their own time on the forums, so it would just be a bump to refresh the forum to the top. Time zones wouldn't affect it.
  13. Obviously it is a bump to bring it closer to the top, but instead of doing every hour, like newbies do, I do it about every 8 hours or more, so that when it's prime time on the Pacific coast, it's fresher in the thread. If every player lived in Mountain time (my time zone) there really wouldn't be a need to bump.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.