[Auction]Double chest of stone bricks

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  1. Item:Double Chest of stone bricks

    Starting price:2k

    Ending time:48 Hours after last bid

    Minimum bid raise:100

    This auction is meant to be long.:)
  2. Does any1 want a double chest of stone bricks?
  3. Sure , I'll start off with 4,000$ :)
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  4. Thank you
  5. No Prob , I Hope I win. :p
  6. With my luck you probably will.
  7. See?
  8. Does any1 want this?
  9. I bought a double chest of stone brick for 2500 yesterday, so if you want to get more bids I'd lower the starting price, but aCookie already bidded... I'd bid if it were a little lower.
  10. Ah ok
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  11. Soo , I Win right ? Its been 2 days. :)
  12. Yup pay me and ill place a sign on the chest. I may not be able to do it today because i have to go in 2 minuites
  13. Congrats aCookieGod!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.