[Auction} Double Chest of Smooth Stone

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by HxCami10, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. This Auction is for the Following:

    • A double chest of stone

    • The auction will start at 1,000r

    • The minimum bid increse is 200r

    • The Auction will end 24hr after last bid

  2. Is this a fix of your other auction, or another one?
  3. O.O
  4. oops, please disregard my previous post, was meant to be 1200r lol
    (wish i had 1200k rups)
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  5. No taking back bids! Glasi13 is winning with a bid of 1,200,000r!

    Haha jk :)

    This is a fix, yes
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  6. 1400 I need this for mah castle expansion project :)
  7. 2.2k
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  8. 3k
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  9. ekiektoi is winning with 3.1k!
  10. 3.3k
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  11. i thought the minimum increase was 200?
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  12. i misread ... can we start back at me saying 3.5k then?
  13. It is. But i guess some people dont remember that..
  14. I guess you could but i would still be outbidding you :p
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