[ AUCTION ] Double Chest of Smooth Stone [CLOSED]

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  1. Item: 1 DC of Smooth stone (Stone)
    Starting Bid: 800r
    Minimum Bid increase: 100r
    Ending Time: 24 after the last bid
    Pick up: Res 15442 On smp7
  2. Invalid auction. you can only have one at a time. Or you posted this twice.
  3. :( How can you see this? I posted the same earlier in supporter auctions, but i wanted to post here instead, so i replied to my earlier post that i moved the auction here. Guess that's not allowed.
  4. Come on ppl, who wants it? Bump!
  5. Moi! 800r!
  6. Will you ppl let Josh get away with a measly 5k?. Bump.
  7. 5k for 3456 stone = 5000/3456= 1.44r per stone= 92.6r per stack. hightst I've ever seen at a store is 64r a stack. Therefore, 5k is not measly, and is actually quite a good amount of money for you.
  8. I stand corrected!
  9. xD
  10. paid! when should the chest be up?
  11. Congrats and thank you! Your chest has been set up. Just teleport into res 15442 on smp7 and you'll walk right into it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.