[AUCTION] Double Chest of Silk Touch I, Efficiency II Diamond Pickaxes!

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  1. This auction is for one Double Chest full of New Silk Touch I, Efficiency II Diamond Pickaxes!

    The starting bid will be 16,000r (297r per Pick).

    Minimum bid increase will be 1000r.

    This Auction will end 48 hours after the last valid bid.

    After winning, and paying, you will be given access to this double chest at 8122 Jungle Shop (on smp4).

    The Chest is on the right, under the jungle wood creeper Face.

    These Picks are brand new, never used (not even on an anvil, once we are at 1.4).

    Speaking of 1.4 Anvil, this is a great opportunity to get Diamond Silk Picks to add to your non-silk Picks in 1.4.


    I took a screenshot, but I dont know how to upload it, please Private Message me how (dont tell me here please to keep this to just bids).

    Thank you very much.
  2. This should be the screenshot. Thank you for your help.

    Reminder, the starting bid is less than 300 r per Pick, a great deal.
  3. Spann84x is in the lead with 16k. Thanks.
  4. nfell2009 is leading with 17k. Thanks.
  5. spann84x re-takes the lead with 20k. Thanks.
  6. Current bid equates to just 370 r per New Dia Silk Touch, Eff II Pick (54 Picks total).
    So, still a great deal, anyone else interested ?
    Thank you.
  7. spann84x is winning with less than 11 hours left. Thanks and enjoy.
  8. 24k
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  9. Wow, I just used a Pick identical to the 54 in the auction, and put it on an Anvil with a New Eff III, Unbreak III Dia Pick, and I got a New Silk Touch I, Eff III, Unbreak III !
    It cost 30 XP levels.
    This is sweet, in my opinion, gives us an option to enchant without gambling on the outcome.
    So, the winner will be able to do the same Anvil craft 54 times, or other Avnil crafts (Eff IV, etc, may cost more than 30 XP, see link in first post).
  10. spann84x Wins with 24,000 r. Thank you!
    I will start a private message about pay and pickup.
    Double Chest location is in this auction description.
    Thanks, again.
  11. Simply because there is a double chest of the same enchants, I would get a mod to make sure its legit, and not just one pickaxe with that enchant.
  12. ?? villagers traded these in bulk in 1.3. im sure they are legit.
  13. This, as everything I do is 100% legit.
    Auction has been paid, and spann84x has access to the chest, and he will see.
    Thank you.
  14. Most of this was over time in 1.3, several villagers trading max, I had help from friends on smp4 finding the proper villagers (thank you guys).
    I was also #18 on the XP leaderboards, enchanting like crazy.
    Not to mention all the purchases I have done, auctions and otherwise.
    A lot of time and work went into this.
  15. I just took a rapid succession of screenshots hovering over each pick, just in case, I can post them :).
  16. This auction has now been Paid and Delivered.
    This acution is closed.
    Thank you.
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