[Auction]Double Chest of shroom blocks(Un-assorted)

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  1. Item: Double chest of large mushroom blocks

    Starting Price: Idk a price o you start it at what you want

    Minimum price increase 100r

    Ending time: 48 hours after the last bid

    Picture: 2012-12-26_02.17.19.png
  2. Looks like this isn't a first so can a mod change the title?
  3. 100r. Is this valid?
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  4. Yesyour bid is valid because
    So yes you can start at 100r you could have even started at -5000r meaning they wouldn't had to have paid you 5000r...
  5. TerryDaTerrorist in the lead with 1000r!
  6. I
    I was saying if mixed mushrooms are valid
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  7. Yes hey are.
  8. Oh good point, perhaps this auction isn't valid? It's probably best we leave this for the mods to deal with; Happy bidding everyone! :D
  9. I was the Only one who realized!!
  10. Yeah lol, good job ;)
  11. SilentAzn in the lead with 1100r! Will anybody beat him?
  12. Primescary in the lead with 1500!
  13. 2.3k and by the way I love your avatar picture julyloveyou
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.