[Auction] Double chest of Secretly renamed roses!

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  1. Auction Item: 3456 Renamed roses " Winner shall be 1st to know their name!"

    Starting Bid: 1000r

    Minimum Bid: 500r

    Auction Finish: 36 hours after last valid bid!
    Some fun side fact s
    this is the 2nd attempt at my 2nd auction as mod
    this auction took 810 levels worth to rename everything at 15 levels per stack
    The names have not be told to any one not even my wife!
    only the winner well get to choose to let the name be public or not!

  2. 4k (2k if anyone wants to split?)
  3. ill split
  4. ok
  5. bump, this is a one time Deathtomb8953 auction be the 1st and maybe only to know the names. great from drop partys or amazing give a-ways.

    Or plant an entire garden of My secret roses!
  6. 5,000 rupees. ;)
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  7. Rosie bumpage
  8. >.< must know the name of roses 6.5k
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  9. droping the bomb, 10k
  10. And the bomb was a dud (like me), 12k
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  11. my calling called bump !
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