[AUCTION] Double Chest Of Random Potions [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Jay2a, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. Starting bid: 1000r
    Minimum bid increments: 100r
    Auction ends at: Ends 12 hours after last bid was placed
    Pick up at: Pick up at Smp1 res 2422. 2012-09-28_20.07.34.png
  2. As they are not the same thing, I would check with the mods if its ok.
  3. Ok. I saw a person who sold a double chest of random junk on the forums in an auction post and didnt even post a picture. So Im not sure.
  4. It should be ok though, but I would check :)
  5. The thing is, I dont know which admin to ask.
  6. Doesn't matter :)
  7. Im going to ask an admin, but if you dont wish to purchase these, please dont comment so much on them.
  8. Just trying to be helpfull :)
  9. I cant believe nobody wants a lot of random potions. Ive got every kind here and nobody wants them.
  10. This auction isn't legal. Auctions only are allowed if it's a double chest of the *same* item.
  11. It's allowed to have random Potions but.. Please specify EACH POTION..
  12. Different types of POTIONS are allowed since they're POTIONS as mod has explained this some time ago in some auction.
  13. So, I was asked to specify my potions. I have:
    Poison x9
    Harming x6
    Weakness x8
    Fire Resistance x2
    Strength x9
    Regeneration x7
    Health x7
    Swiftness x6
    That should explain it. I might have miscounted. It's hard to tell because they flash and have similar colors.
  14. Okay now.. Specify the Duration.. Splash or non splash.. It's either normal or I or II or whatever.. :p
  15. Their duration is standard, not expanded at all, and they arent splash potions.
  16. Specify the duration not "Normal", but 8:00 or 2:00.
  17. Closing auction. Needs to be a full double chest of all the same item. Secondly not sufficient information on what potions are being auctiond. And thirdly more than one auction running.
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