[AUCTION] double chest of pumpkin pies!!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Runningrhino, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. Item: A DOUBLE CHEST OF PUMPKIN PIE THAT HEALS 4 HUNGER IN ONE PIE!!!!! granny bacon would be proud
    starting bid: 500r
    minimum bid increase: 200r
    auction ends: 24 hours after last bid
  2. lol i think this fits ur signature zoe
  3. pumpkin pies are stackable?
  4. Yes
  5. Im hungry....1k
  6. thanks!!! and bump! come on these are super cheap right now!
  7. I agree that this is a Great deal ! Less than 1 r a Pie.. WOW !
    I have had a couple Double Chests sell for about 10,000 r (which is still a good deal at 2.8 r per Pie).

    These Pies easily sell for more than 2 r or 3 r each in a shop, and I like to use them in the Wild, since they instantly restore 4 hunger bars. 3456 Pies * 4 hunger bars = 13824 hunger bars :) restored.
    Good Wither hunting food. You can fit 256 bars of hunger in one stack/inventory slot :), and you can actually afford to do so.

    Just trying to help. :) Thanks.
  8. bump come on only 0.8r a pie!!!!!!!! thats uber cheap!
  9. Just about 37 minutes left untill this amazing deal is over.
    My auctions Started at this current cheap price.
  10. You are evil 7k
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.