[AUCTION] Double Chest of Oak Wood Planks

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by mayorprofessor, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. Hello people, I bring you an auction!
    Item: Oak wood planks
    Amount:1 Double Chest
    Starting bid: 500r
    Minimum bid raise: 100r
    End time: 24 hrs. after last valid bid has been placed
    pickup location: 3470 on smp2, or delivery. People on smp6 must come to smp2 to pick up items.
  2. luca_canada is in the lead with a bid of 1000r
  3. kingGeorge3rd did i win the auction
    because if i did il be waitting on smp2 3470
  4. There is still 2 hours and 27 minutes left on this auction.
  5. king though no one else is doing the auction
  6. I already said that it ends exactly 24hrs after the previous bid. Your bid was at 6:20 PM Pacific Standard Time. There is still 2 hours and 12 minutes left until then
  7. oky dokkie
  8. 11 hours and 40 minutes until _GodFury_Blaze wins the auction with a bid of 3,000r
  9. so where do i get this oak
  10. This auction will end at 11:47 AM PST tomorrow if no one else bids
  11. 3hrs and 43 minutes until the auction ends. Bid now, or forever hold your peace
  12. Modification1089 has won the auction with his bid of 5.5k r.
    Pickup is available once payment has been recieved. If you need me to deliver the items, please contact me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.