[Auction] Double Chest of Oak Logs

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  1. Double Chest of Oak Logs.
    Screenshot? Nah, too lazy.
    Starting bid: 3,000 Rupees.
    Minimum bid increments: 100 Rupees.
    Auction will end 72 hours after last valid bid.
    Pickup: 7046 at SMP3. Delivery will be provided for 50 Rupees extra.
  2. At 120r per stack....this is worth 6.4K (if their are 54 stacks in a DC im stupid so i wouldnt know, i guessed)
  3. It's always good to start auctions at a low price, because then you're likely to get a quick first bid and then people who are interested in it bidding on it. Then, you get a contest and make more money then if you had started with a high bid.
  4. Sleepy time bump.
  5. I know, just saying this is still a good deal
  6. Well, good. :p
  7. Another sleepy time bump. (That's the only time I bump.)
  8. samsimx wins with 6k. (Sorry it's late... my computer has been being stupid lately...) Access chest at 7046 on SMP3.
  9. thanks ill pay :)
  10. Sorry im in the wild on Smp3. is there anyway you can bring it to Smp7? ill pay for the inconvienence
  11. Leave an access chest and tell me what residence address.
  12. res address is 15061 , theres an access chest and i payed extra for delivery , thanks :D
  13. I went 1.5... because I'm smart... Sorry...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.