[Auction] Double Chest of Music Discs

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  1. ITEMS: 4 - *Complete* sets of music discs (1 through 11)
    1 - Set of Survival music discs (1 through 10)

    STARTING BID: 500r


    AUCTION ENDING TIME: 24 Hours after the last valid is bid posted
    5x - Chirp Disc 5x - Blocks Disc 5x - Mall Disc 5x - Mellohi Disc 5x - Ward Disc
    5x - Cat Disc 5x - Far Disc 5x - 13 Disc 5x - Stal Disc 5x - Strad Disc 4x - 11 Disc

    I realize this auction is not a dc of the exact same item. It has been approved by ICC.

    Pickup: Smp 8 16612
  2. How do you get 11-disk?
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  3. I bought some when i first started playing and received a few from drop parties. Btw just did /pinfo on you perm banned hmm. . .i wonder why you're posting then lol
  4. Easy win for me, eh?
  5. He uses an alt that isnt banned.
  6. I think thought that in auctions he should use the account he is going to pay with.
  7. True, but i saw it as an attack against him for posting at all.
  8. No cool signature here, Why? I dunno how to make them :oops: just go into the top right corner, look for a tab with your name, click signature in the drop-down menu, then click signature and proceed to make a cool signature!
  9. i know that, what i meant to say is like a little clip or something a moving image,
    still thx for helping :)
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  10. Well, Sonicol1 is in the lead with 5,800
  11. 7850
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