[Auction] Double Chest of Music Discs

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  1. Description: 4 - *Complete* sets of music discs (1 through 11)
    1 - Set of Survival music discs (1 through 10)

    Starting Bid: 500r

    Minimum Bid: 20r

    Auction Ends : 36 Hours after last valid bid is posted
    MD 1.png
    5x - Chirp Disc 5x - Blocks Disc 5x - Mall Disc 5x - Mellohi Disc 5x - Ward Disc
    5x - Cat Disc 5x - Far Disc 5x - 13 Disc 5x - Stal Disc 5x - Strad Disc 4x - 11 Disc

    I realize this auction is not a Double chest of all the exact same item. That is why i got it
    approved ahead of time by ICC :D
    MD 2.png
    The pickup for this auction will be on SMP8 at 16612
    Happy Bidding Everyone!
  2. Awesome! 2000r
  3. Where was the photo took xD
  4. The Emerald Parthenon smp8 16612, my res.
  5. Marknaaijer is in the lead with 2k
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  6. Dang....5000r....
    :D :D
  7. Faithcaster is in the lead with 5940! This sure escalated quickly
  8. do we get the other items?
  9. 5960.0 r, what now, bidders
  10. wow... they close my thread about this but leave yours -.-
  11. if you read the post i had the forethought of approving it first :D
  12. Ahex1021 in the lead with SIX Thousand Rupees!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.