[Auction] Double Chest of mushroom stew

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what auction should be next?

Poll closed Aug 24, 2014.
Single Chest of Coal 3 vote(s) 42.9%
Double chest of wheat 2 vote(s) 28.6%
SIngle chest of horses 2 vote(s) 28.6%
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  1. Item: Double Chest of Mushroom Stew
    Starting bid: 100r
    Minimum bid increasement:10r
    Auction Ends 48 hours after last bid
    may the person that wants this completely random auctions items win!
  2. 100r
    you can't auction single chests
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  3. you can't? must have read rule wrong for that

  4. and if you are wondering I can auction of a single chest of horses due to the say "a minimum of ten horses may be auctioned off" or something of that in a similar manner.
  5. congratulations Prince bee! you have won for 100r I will have put access sign on chest when I get the chance!
  6. You can auction a SC of horses. :)
  7. exactly, my stupidity has gotten the best of me when I said a single chest of coal, actually right before auction was made I reread the auction rules so some times mistakes are present, happens to everyone, not specifically with auctions but you get my point.
  8. Princebee, your winnings is in a chest on the left side of the stone building at my res on smp6:)
  9. alright
    i won't be able to get on in a bit, is it alright if I pay you extra for delivery?
  10. yeah sure, lets say 25r for delivery and what Smp is your res on?
  11. SMP4
    i'll set up a chest.
  12. ok thank you
  13. ok chest has the auction items within it.
  14. ty, ive already sent 125r
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