[Auction] Double Chest of lvl2 Health Potions

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Charip, Jan 12, 2013.

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  1. Auction!
    Double Chest of Instant Health II Potions

    Starting bid: 150 rupees
    Minimum bid increase: 100 rupees
    Auction ends: 24 hours after last bid

    Good Luck
  2. Bump? Any bids?
  3. 200r
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  4. 350r
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  5. 540r
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  6. 650?
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  7. Here comes the supah BUMP!

    AmusedStew is in the lead with 650r! C'mon, EMC can do better!
  8. Bump2?
    I thought this would ger at least 1000...
  9. Serialthrillah42 is in the lead with 750, 18 1/2 hours to go!
  10. You win! I'll set up a chest soon. Make sure you pay!
  11. great! what server and which plot?
  12. SMP8, I can't remember the numbers for the life of me, so just do /v Charip. It's not set up yet, wait about 30 min.
  13. O btw Charip, its ready for pick up :p
  14. Man totally forgot about that one...
  15. Ok its ready!
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