[AUCTION] Double chest of Lava buckets

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Gap542, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. Item:Lava Bucket
    Starting bid: 100r
    Min bid : 100r
    Auction ends: 24hrs of last valid bid.
    Pickup: SMP9 18111 A chest will be made for your access after payment done.
  2. Mark is in the lead with 400r.
  3. There... We.... Go....
  4. twothousandtwohundredandtwentytworupees
  5. Could you guys stop bidding like that,thanks.
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  6. Sawwweeee. 5k
  7. MissMadison910 is in the lead with 5,000 rupees.
  8. I ask myself, "Why would people need this much lava?"
  9. 1.Cobble Generators
    2.Cobble Generators
    3. Traps
    4. Profit
    I used to have a Double 60 long cobble generator in my residence. 60 cobble per run :)
  10. I ask myself, "Why would this auction be allowed since these items won't stack?"

    Which items can be auctioned off?
    Updated: 08/05/2012
    Auctions may consist of the following:

    • Enchanted items in unused condition and in any quantity
    • Dragon Eggs
    • Any item in bulk (Double Chests ONLY with STACKED items in each slot) For example: 1 Double Chest of Diamonds
  11. It's a Double chest with it's MAX amount of items per slot. I think it's allowed

    • multiple enchanted items
    • dragon egg
    • full double chest of a single item
    ^^^ BigDavie posted that http://empireminecraft.com/threads/auction-multiple-enchantments-closed.13855/
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  12. This auction is completely within auction guidelines.
    Items which are not enchanted or dragon eggs can be auctioned in double chest full amounts of stacked items, or 54 of the item if it is not stackable. :)
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  13. The chest will be made after payment received and when I get home.
    SMP9 18111
  14. You haven't paid.
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