[AUCTION] Double Chest of Iron/Diamond/Gold stuff

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  1. Auction Details: 10 Efficiency I, Fortune I Iron Axes
    7 Unbreaking III, Efficiency III Iron Axes
    10 Unbreaking III, Efficiency III Iron Picaxes
    8 Sharpness I, knockback I, Fire Aspect I Diamond Swords
    3 Sharpness I Diamond swords
    7 Fortune I Diamond Picaxes
    1 Sharpness II Iron Sword
    1 unbreaking II, Efficiency II, Silk Touch I Iron Picaxe
    1 Fortune II Diamond Axe
    1 Iron and Diamond Helmet
    1 Iron and Diamond Chestplate
    1 Protection II diamond Chestplate
    1 projectile protection II Gold helmet
    Minimum Bid increments: 200R
    Bid Ends 12 hours after last bid
    Starting Bid: 500R

  2. spaceshuttlefan in the lead with 1k, Common guys, this is worth at least 20k D:
  3. 1.2 BAM
  4. Oh and Dan you are not gonna get a good price bc this stuff can be obtained from villagers.
  5. And it probably was
  6. invalid bid
    can i take away that last bid bc it was in response to his invalid bid or no?
  7. oh lol im done now goodbye
  8. Edit: 1.6k
  9. MVPdrose in the lead with 2,500r
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.