[AUCTION] Double Chest of Ice

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by legoace61, Aug 17, 2014.

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  1. 3,456 blocks of Ice

    Starting Bid: 10,000r
    Minimum Bid Increase: 300r
    Maximum bid Increase: 100,000r

    Auction will End 48 hours after final valid bid.

    Winner will pick up items from 4019 (smp2) after paying. 2014-08-17_15.18.20.png
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  2. 10k

    Also, max bid amounts are no longer allowed in auctions
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  3. Yes, limiting the max bid increments are against the auction rules.
    See post #3 in the auction rules "**You may not include a Maximum Bid Increment. This leads to confusing auctions and,due to the actions of some, has been removed for all."

    While I am sure would love a max bid increment as you have stated, you also must realize that others may see this and think it is still allowed.

    If you do not wish to remove the max bid increment, let me know and I will close and lock this auction.
    If you will allow the max bid increment can be removed, please state so clearly, I will edit your original post, and the auction can continue!
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  4. okay sorry, i didn't mean it seriously, i knew no one was ever going to bid that much anyway so yeah
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  5. troop53no wins at 10,000r. You can pickup once you pay :)
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  6. Paid and picked up. Thank you!
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