[Auction] Double Chest of God Swords

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  1. Yes folks you read correctly. This is an auction for a double chest of god swords. Since knock back 2 seems to be disliked by wither hunters since the skellies go flying along with their drops, I have decided not to include it in the list of enchantments for each sword. Each sword has the following enchantments:

    -Sharpness V(5)
    -Fire aspect II(2)
    -Looting III(3)
    -Unbreaking III(3)

    Here is a screenshot of the swords for you all to admire.


    Now here are the auction details.

    Item: Double chest of god swords with enchantments mentioned above
    Starting bid: 100 rupees
    Minimum bid increments: 100 rupees
    Auction ends: 24 hours after the final valid bid.

    Happy bidding. :)
  2. Don't mess with me. 30k
  3. Violets aren't green, your head isn't either, if you don't bid, it goes in the freezer.

    That was an awful rhyme wasn't it? :p
  4. I know how you got all these :p
  5. When it goes dark, you know Jay is coming, as he arrives the rest will go running.

    More bad poetry.
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  6. When zombies surround you, you'll stand there and think, "oh why didn't I buy those swords in wink."

    Poetry is fun.
  7. Kevdudeman thought of this one.

    Here comes a bump, and it's time for a poem, who will bid highest, and take these swords home?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.