[Auction] Double Chest of ender pearls with 3 stacks of end stone and a stack of blaze rod

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  1. Double Chest of ender pearls with 3 stacks of end stone and a stack of blaze rod

    Ends : 7:10-7:30
    Starts : 6:00

  2. i mean Starts: Now
  3. What's the starting bid?
  4. 100 rupees
  5. And i don't think it's acceptable: mob drops (blaze rods) have to be a dc
  6. the blaze rod are in the double chest
  7. and the end stone
    • Enchanted items in unused condition and in any quantity
    • Beacon Block
    • Any item in bulk (Double Chest ONLY with STACKED items in each slot, or 54 unstackable items)
  8. no one else bidded so its ended at 7,500r
  9. You can't do this action
  10. i didnt see any 1 bid? ill buy the 50 stacks of ender pearls for 1.3k though
  11. Ill buy blaze rods personally from u for 100r and if that's low just shouting it out there
  12. No the bids were on the server to so yeah
  13. *facepalm*
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  14. Who bid this am i blind

    and like they all pointed out this is a invalid auction
  15. There was bidding on the server to
  16. yeah also not valid, if you wish you may direct people to a Valid auction for them to post but you can host it both on the forum and live on server
  17. ^ Which is why i facepalmed..
    Go read the auction rules. But to sum it up for you..

    1) Auctioned item must be either a double chest of something, a beacon block or any amount of unused enchanted items
    2) You can only hold one auction at a time
    3) You are to sell your items to the last valid bid whether you like the price or not

    This being said, you should not have the same auction going on ingame and on the forums... And why?
    1) If you sold it ingame and are unable to reproduce the same item to sell on the forums to the latest valid bidder, furthur actions may be taken against you.
    2) Unless you are having your auctions on your residence, you are spamming the town chat with all the bidding going on

    Also things to take note of:
    The timing of the auction (in my opinion) should not be a specific time, as we all have our timezones. Normally people have their auction end time at X hours after a valid bid. If you are to have the auction end time at a specific date, at least state the GMT + ? of your country, so we would know when it will actually end (Although personally if i have to go through all these trouble, i personally wont even bother bidding)

    So er... yea...
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  18. This was to the post about having a bidding on the server too :)
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