[AUCTION] Double Chest of Enchanted Books! (level 30)

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  1. Item: A double chest (54) of enchanted ( level 30) books
    Starting Bid: 8000r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 500r
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after last bid
    Pick up: 11118 on smp5
    Now here are the books:

    Aqua Affinity 1

    Bane of Arthropods III: 1

    Bane of Arthropods IV, Lure II: 1

    Bane of Arthropods IV: 1

    Blast Protection III: 1

    Blast Protection IV: 3

    Efficiency IV: 2

    Efficiency III:1

    Efficiency IV, Respiration III: 1

    Feather Falling IV, Power IV: 1

    Fire Protection III: 1

    Flame 1, power IV: 2

    Flame I: 1

    Infinity I: 1

    Knockback II, Bane of Arthropods IV: 1

    Knockback II: 2

    Power IV: 1

    Projectile Protection IV, Aqua Affinity I: 1

    Projectile Protection IV, Lure II: 1

    Projectile Protection IV: 2

    Protection III, Flame I: 1

    Protection III, Luck of sea III: 1

    Protection III, Power III

    Protection III: 1

    Respiration III, Luck of sea III: 1

    Respiration II: 1

    Respiration III: 1

    Sharpness I: 1

    Sharpness III, Efficiency IV:

    Sharpness III, Knockback II: 1

    Sharpness III, Looting II: 1

    Sharpness III, Punch I:1

    Silk Touch I: 3

    Smite IV, Feather Falling IV, Punch I: 1

    Smite IV, Flame I: 1

    Smite IV, Looting II: 1

    Smite IV, Power IV: 1

    Smite IV:1

    Unbreaking III, Aqua Affinity I

    Unbreaking III, Feather Falling IV: 1

    Unbreaking III, Knockback II, Feather Falling IV, Luck of sea II: 1

    Unbreaking III, Power III:1

    Unbreaking III, Projectile Protection IV: 1

    Unbreaking III: 3

    Happy Bidding!
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  2. Bump, there are some really good books in there, and get them before the new Update (which will make it harder to enchant Items, so the prices will Increase)
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  3. Bump!
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  4. Bump, remember to get it now!
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  5. Bump!
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