[Auction] Double Chest of Dirt

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  1. Auctioning off a double chest of dirt.

    • Dirt Pickup Area: 1789, in the corner of my residence.
    • Minimum Bid: 2k
    • Minimum Bid Increase: 500r
    • Auction Ending Time: 10 minutes after last bid
    • Auction Starts: Now! Get bidding!
    Legit bids only. Please don't bid if you don't have the funds, are in the wilderness, or are just joking.
  2. By the way this is on SMP1. Didn't see an edit button
  3. Seven rupees.
  4. You wi- oh wait, the starting bid is 2k.

    You all should be happy it's so low, I saw another guy auction off a doublechest of dirt for 35k.
  5. Also:
  6. A double chest of dirt for 35k comes out to about 100 rupees for one dirt. Not my kind of price.
  7. I don't know how the guy got someone to bid 35k, I just know he did.

    I guess he may have been joking.

    In that case, I'll lower the starting bid to 500r and the minimum increment to 200r.
  8. And the ending time should change to 48 hours after last valid bid, since I also lowered the increment.
  9. Auction CLOSED for these reasons:

    I'm selling the dirt somewhere else
    Nobody seems to have bid (at least legitly)
    I think the price is too high
    I don't think anyone needs a doublechest of dirt. I could be mistaken though

    Please delete or lock this thread as soon as possible. No more bids will be accepted.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.