[Auction] Double chest of Diamonds

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  1. Item's For Auction: 3456 Diamonds "Converted to blocks"

    Starting Bid: 1r

    Min Bid: 1000r

    Auction Duration: 48 hours after last valid bid.

    Auction winner shall have 96 hours "4 days" to pay and pick up the auction, at which time auction shall be posted again.
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  2. bump, currently sitting at a steal of a deal.
  3. 400,000r
  4. Ninja'd

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  5. 411,000!!!
  6. Oh boy, I haven't brain farted that bad in a while....

  7. Cleaned up the auction: Back to Bidding

    Currently in the lead is deadmaster98 with bid of 425k
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  8. Bump! 36 hours left.
  9. We have a winner. Once payment has been issued< pick up chest shall be set up at 18313 on smp9.
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  10. Payment has been sent :)
  11. Pick up is ready kind sir, enjoy.