[AUCTION] Double Chest of Dark Oak Logs!

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  1. Item: Dark Oak Wood (Logs)
    Starting Bid: 500r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 100r
    Auction Ending Time: 24hrs After last Valid bid

    GREAT for a darker, elegant look in builds! You can check it out at /v Slvr-2@darkoak
    Enjoy! <3
    (Ignore my random inv :p)
  2. 7k

    Are these the ones you were cutting last night? :p
  3. Yes xD

    Bump! Current bid is 10k
  4. Unless someone bids in the next six minutes, you've won. I'll set the preview to an access chest once payment is received. Just use /v Slvr-2@darkoak to get there. ^.^
  5. Just paid! Let me know when I can pick it up!
  6. Soon as I get home from school :D sorry about that. No later than 2:45PM EMC time.
  7. No problem! :)
  8. Access chest has been set up, just go to the aforementioned /v Slvr-2@darkoak and pick it up whenever you feel like it. Enjoy!
  9. I got the DC, thanks alot! :)
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