[AUCTION] Double Chest of Cobblestone

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  1. Hey guys! So as some of you know I'm attempting to gather a DC of Diamond Ore and a DC of Emerald Ore. Along the way I decided to just get other stuff in different forms and auction those off also.

    Well I'm done with 3 of the DC's of stuff and I'm gonna begin auctioning. These are what I expect to be the cheapest and we'll slowly move up.

    Starting bid: 18
    Bid increment: 180
    Auction ends: 36 hours after last valid bid.

    So for those of you who are curious, here is what we're collecting and the numbers we have:

    Cobblestone: Done... Obviously
    Stone: Done
    Coal Ore: Done
    Quartz Blocks: 15 (Haven't really started yet)
    Iron Blocks: 177 (Wowzerss..)
    Lapis Blocks: 473
    Redstone Blocks: 697
    Gold Ore: 436
    Diamond Ore: 262
    Emerald Ore: 169

    Each auction will include an update I'll give you on the numbers. There will not be a certain time between them. It's a very time-expensive project haha.

    So bid away. Depending on how these first three go we may or may not pick up the pace :D
  2. swert6505 in the lead with 1,000
  3. mustnt let him win! 1.2k
  4. M4nic in the lead with 1.4k. It's a special DC of cobble.
  5. Bump. And for those who are curious:
    Quartz Blocks: 15 Again, haven't started yet.
    Iron Blocks: 560 (All of this is being mined. Iron Farms make it waaaaaaay too easy haha)
    Lapis Blocks: 751
    Redstone Blocks: 1384 (Have around 2/3 of a single chest in town - so almost done here)
    Gold Ore: 704
    Diamond Ore: 363
    Emerald Ore: 300
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  6. ^<- that one in the lead with 1580
  7. This cobble is special. No matter how many times you break it, it always stays the same.
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  8. RevampedMadness in the lead with 2,000.
  9. battmeghs has won. Pick-up is at 15285. You can pay me whenever. Thanks everyone for bidding :D
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