[Auction] Double Chest of Chainmail Armor! (In Demand)

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Golden_Guppy, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. Hello Ladies and Gents, today it would be my most splendid honor to present to you, A DOUBLE CHEST OF CHAINMAIL!!!!! Yes, it is in demand & Yes, I expect great things out of this auction. Now if you don't mind let's get this baby on! ;)
    2013-02-22_23.52.29.png Look no further, the auction details await you...

    Starting Bid: 1k(1000r)
    Minimum Bid: 100r
    Auction Ends: 48 hours after last bidder
    Pick up will be at 9200 on smp4 after winner has paid!
    Without further or due, Happy Bidding!!! :)
  2. If you cant craft this..... did you buy all this? If so, why dont I just go buy from shop? Im confused how ur making money. *Goin to check shop*
  3. He traded with magical creatures who lurk in the wild (or town)
  4. oh, and 1.2k
  5. lol forgot about those, cuz this chest would cost 37,300 rupees from /shop. Carry on with your days, dont mind my stupidity
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  6. Yep it was those lurking creatures. Took me a while too :p
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  7. wolves, not today. 2k
  8. You can trade it with viligers ;)
  9. Sorry,but I dont think this is valid, it has to be a DC of the SAME item, not 4 different items
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  10. I am pretty sure it eaither has to be a double chest of the SAME specific item, unless enchanted... Invalid auction.
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  11. Well he could enchant them with lvl 1 enchants then it would be valid.
  12. People are being picky D: It's a double chest of Chainmail Armour.
    What use would a double chest of helmets be...

    However... You should probably still seek permission from an Admin to be safe.

    In the meantime... 5..6k
  13. I will see what I can do, thanks for the feedback
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