{Auction} Double Chest of Bows-With a Spicy Twist![CLOSED]

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  1. Hey guys, its me here bringing you another amazing auction. I always love doing all types of different auctions, and today I am going to spice things up. Whoever wins this auction gets another double chest full of unused bows for FREE! Thats right! Auction one get one free! Just like to do something special.;)
    Auction: Double Chest of Unused Bows
    Starting Bid: 100 Rupees
    Minimal Bid Increasements: 5
    Auction Ends 24 hours after last bid.
    Extra Info: These bows are all unused and never held by a Steve's hand.

    I will post a picture in a bit once SMP-1 gets done rebooting.
    WARNING: I am not auctioning off both double chest, just one, and the
    person who wins get's another for free.
  2. Nickjwolfe has taken the lead with 100.
    Next Bump in three hours minimal.
    I am going to post a picture after this.
  3. Thats some small, illegal, fine print there...
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  4. 333kirby is in the lead with 700 rupees!
    Next bump at 11:00.
  5. XXMINECRAFT20 is in the lead with 1000 Rupees!
    Next bump at 2:00
  6. why do you do this to me sigh 1.4k
  7. one question: if you write, the person who winns get one and one free double chest, why don't you write the winner getts 2 doublechestts full of bows? I'm confused :S
  8. because your not allowed to aution of more then two types of items at a time
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