[Auction] Double Chest of Bones [closed]

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by ArtemisV, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. Starting Bid: 10,000r (Roughly 3r per bone)

    Minimum Bid Increase: 100r

    Auction End: 24 hours after the last bid.
  2. People buy bones for 3r each?!

    I think it's really expensive o.o
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  3. That's a bit much for bones...
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  4. You guys are obviously not from smp1. :0 Every emc server apparently has it's own economy, and bones have always been from 4-6r on my server. 3r is actually pretty cheap, and several people agreed with my beginning price when I asked in the town chat.
  5. Weird.. Bones on SMP4 are at 2 for 1r in some places and 1 for 1r in most others.
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  6. Yep. There are a few times I've gone to other servers in search of items, only to find them much more expensive than on SMP1. I guess it depends on who has grinders, or what resources are readily available in wild... who knows. :x
  7. I used to buy bones 32r for 64. Until I didn't needed them more.
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  8. Well, I already explained the economy thing, and I really think it's getting to the point where you two are running off potential bidders by insinuating repeatedly that they are too expensive.
  9. Smp4 has the best economy.
  10. I asked again in chat, couldn't get a straight answer, but finally asked a friend and they confirmed that they thought it was a bit much for a starting bid. I have lowered the starting price. First auction and all that. :) Happy bidding.
  11. ...Or I would have lowered it if it had given me an edit option. Anyhow, new starting bid is 6900. :)
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  12. Really.....^^^^^
  13. Had to do 6900
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  14. Spammers, this is not acceptable. Please expect tempbans/blacklisting from the auction subforums for the repeated posts to this thread that are not in line with the rules regarding posting in auction threads.
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