[AUCTION] Double chest of Boats

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  1. What: Boats
    How Many: 54
    Starting Bid: 500
    Minimum Bid raise: 100
    Pickup location: 1st floor of res number 3470 on smp2

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  2. Be sure to include the ending time of the auction . Example: 24 hours after the last bid
  3. Yes i forgot. The ending time is 24 hours after the last bid. Thank you southpark for reminding me
  4. Bump.
    Remeber people, boats are VERY helpful in the wild when you need to travel across the ocean. They also make a nice decoration to any residence that has a river or canal going through it
  5. Bump for timezones
  6. These boats are from the best shipyard in all of EMC
  7. Any other bids?
  8. time zoned bump
  9. 2 hrs left until Alek09 wins with his bid of 700r
  10. Alek09 has won the auction with his bid of 700r. Once payment has been recieved, an access sign will be put above the chest on the first floor of res 3470 on smp2 behind the stairs on the right
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.