[Auction]Double Chest Of Awesomeness

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  1. Today I Am Auctioning
    The Chest Contains:
    20 Diamond Blocks
    40 Gold Blocks
    128 Iron Blocks
    64 Lapis Blocks
    7 Stacks Of Blaze Rod
    4 Stacks Of Nether Warts
    24 Stacks Of Slime Ball
    Diamond Pickaxes:
    1x Fortune III, Efficiency IV
    3x Efficiency III
    1x Fortune II, Efficiency III
    1x Fortune I, Efficiency II,Unbreaking III
    1x Efficiency III, Unbreaking II
    1x Unbreaking III
    Diamond Swords:
    1x Smite IV
    2x Sharpness III
    1x Smite V, Fire Aspect II
    1x Bane Of Athropods IV, Fire Aspect II
    1x Looting II,Fire Aspect II
    Starting Bid-1r
    Minimal Bid Increasement-1r
    The Auction Will End 36hour After the last bidder bids And no one bids after that

  2. Ugh, That was my max bid- Great Pack though ;)
  3. thank u :D
  4. funny thing is all the slime is worth that amount
  5. it worth 76800 if u sell it on a price of 50$ each
  6. 24h left and coffee takes it for 40,001
  7. 11hours left and coffee wins with 40k
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.