Auction: Double Chest of Assorted Wool Colours

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  1. Items: One double chest of wool (assorted colours)

    White: 3 stacks
    Purple: 3 stacks
    Black: 3 stacks
    Orange: 3 stacks
    Green: 3 stacks
    Yellow: 4 stacks
    Brown: 3 stacks
    Lime: 4 stacks
    Gray: 3 stacks
    Cyan: 3 stacks
    Light Gray: 3 stacks
    Pink: 4 stacks
    Red: 4 stacks
    Magenta: 3 staccks
    Blue: 4 stacks
    Light Blue: 4 stacks

    Starting Price: 1500 Rupees

    Minimum Bid: Increase: 100 Rupees

    Auction End Time: The auction will end 24 Hours after the final valid bid has been placed

    Auction Pickup: The winner can pick up at 9087 on SMP4 after payment has been made
  2. 1500 rupees
  3. HurferDurfer1 has won the auction. Let me know when payment has been done and I will set up an access chest for you, at 9087, smp4 (near res spawn)
  4. Hurfer chest is ready for you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.