[Auction] Double chest of adventure #1[CLOSED]

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  1. This isnt mod or admin approved because i messaged a few mods and both adminds and they havent responded in 1 month so im tired of waiting. Well anyways heres the items:

    9 stacks of SlimeBalls
    2 Unbreaking III Diamond pickaxes
    2 Fortune II Diamond Pickaxes
    15 Diamonds
    64 Ice
    64 Iron
    3 Stacks Of Redstone Dust
    64 Lapis Lazulli
    32 Wolf Eggs
    32 Gold Apples
    64 Ender Pearls
    2 Stacks Of Bones
    32 Bread (I hate this color but it looks a bit like bread :p)
    4 Stacks Of Smooth Sandstone

    1 Stack Of Creeper Sandstone
    1 Unused Full Diamond Armour Set
    64 Spider Eyes
    2 Stacks Of String
    3 Stacks Of Arrows
    2 Stacks of Oak Saplings
    64 Mossy Cobblestone
    32 Cracked Stone Brick
    2 Stacks of Bone Meal
    3 Stacks of Coal

    and finally: 32 Cobweb

    :) Bid all you can
  2. Cannot auction non enchanted its with enchanted items, only a dragon egg, enchanted pack, or a doublechest if ONE fully stacked item.
  3. That is, without mod permission.
  4. True, but the new rules were made to clear things up so you dont have ask for permission, since they were getting so many messages about it. I have only seen one auction approved so far since the change, and that was a rerun auction due to a player not paying on time, and the original auction was from before the new rules. So everyone should expect to never get special auction approval:)
  5. 1r since there is no starting bid
  6. Also when does it end
  7. This auction isnt allowed with the current auction rules, so no point in bidding.
  8. It is allowed of your selling it WITH at least one enchanted item
  9. Nope, go read the new rules.
  10. Ok then...
  11. I'll bid on something else
  12. Closing auction. As already stated it fails to met auction requirements.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.