[] AUCTION [] Double Chest O Enchants!

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Should I auction my Power V and Efficiency V tools?

Yush plox =D 11 vote(s) 68.8%
Nonononono :P 5 vote(s) 31.3%
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    Unbreaking II Efficiency II Silk Touch I x11
    Unbreaking III Efficiency III
    Unbreaking III
    Unbreaking III Efficiency III Fortune I
    Fortune II Efficiency IV
    Fortune II Efficiency III
    Unbreaking III Fortune II
    Unbreaking III Efficiency III Silk Touch I

    SWORDS -
    Sharpness IV Looting III
    Smite IV Knockback II Looting III
    Knockback II Bane of Arthropods IV
    Smite IV
    Smite IV Knockback II x2

    Efficiency III Silk Touch I x2
    Efficiency IV Silk Touch I
    Silk Touch I

    ARMOUR -
    Protection III Helmet
    Projectile Protection IV Chestplates x2
    Protection III Chestplate
    Blast Protection IV Chestplate
    Protection III Leggings
    Protection III Boots
    Projectile Protection IV Boots
    Chain Chestplate Protection III

    BOWS -
    Power I Bow x11
    Infinity I Power IV Bow x3
    Power IV Bow

    AXES -
    Unbreaking III Efficiency III Fortune II IRON Pickaxe x2


    10,000 Rupees


    500 Rupees


    24 hours after last bid

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  2. Why not? 10k
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  3. 11 k
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  4. Bump! :)
    Caatik is leading with 30k!
  5. yay
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  6. Two hours and 4 minutes left!
    BUMP! :D
  7. You have won Caatik! Come to 14664 Smp7 to claim your enchants! Please pay 30k first! :)
  8. i win...
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  9. im coming
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