[Auction]-Double Chest Full Of Instant Health II

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  1. Items: Half Double Chest of Instant health 2. other half is instant health 2 splash

    Starting Bid: 500r

    Minimum Bid Increments: 100r

    Auction Ending: Auction will end 24 hrs after last bid

    This is for ONE Double Chest with half of the Instant health 2 potions being splash (able to throw instead of drink)
    hope that answers any questions but if there is something picking at your brain then ask away:)

  2. so one is slasp and other is lvl 2?
  3. there both level 2 instant health just half of the double chest is in splash form
  4. ok then am i winning?
  5. yup your winning
  6. You shouldnt be bidding anymore. Pay your debts and then you bid
  7. how long left?
  8. 15 hours
  9. well you won but under the circumstances you need to pay off facu12301 first and until then if someone matches your bid then they will win the auction
  10. I'll bid 1246r
  11. He is paying me tomorrow
  12. ok i pay off fac then i will pay u 1250 to make it rounded
  13. ok you will have to pay me by 11:35 am my time tomorrow (ill check my history) if it is later than that then i will pay you back the amount and declare GTW the winner
  14. you won i did not receive a payment from ironic swordplay. pickup will be on smp3 i will wait for a payment then give you access to the chest
  15. ok will get you payed within 30min thanksS
  16. Ironic will pay sure he will. He paid me all
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.