[Auction] Diver Down! Enchanted Set & Potion Combo

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  1. Item(s):
    Diamond Helmet
    Respiration III
    Aqua Affinity I

    Diamond Shovel
    Unbreaking III
    Efficiency III
    Silk I

    DC - Potion of Water Breathing (8:00)

    Clay is always a hot commodity and great money maker - dive for it in style with this helmet featuring Respiration III and Aqua Affinity I along with the perfect shovel for digging clay (Eff IV clobbers too much dirt and sand wearing your precious tool down). The addition of a DC of water breathing (8:00) potion will give you over seven hours underwater without having to come up for air. Diver Down!

    Starting Bid: 500r

    Minimum Bid Increments: 50r

    Auction Ending Time: Auction will on the later of 24 hours after the final bid or 11:59am EMC time, Sunday, September 28th. If you don't understand the ending time, please ask. Do not call my auction.

    After Winning: Pickup is at The Hoard @ 18721
    2014-09-26_13.51.57.png 2014-09-26_13.52.33.png 2014-09-26_13.52.59.png
  2. Surprised this hasn't gotten any bids yet

    1k :3
  3. 1050r. :3
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  4. Bid is at 3k...Bump!
  5. About 5 minutes left on this if there are no other bids - Bump
  6. DerpasaurusJim has won with a bid of 3k! Access chests have been set up at The Hoard @ 18721. Please pay on pickup. Check out the Clay :Sell price while you're there :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.