[AUCTION] Diamond Unused Pickaxe Enchanted for Fortune 2 Efficency 3

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by MuugaMC, Jun 28, 2012.

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  1. Mine more diamonds! And fast! That means fortune II and efficency III!

    Auction for a Diamond Unused Pickaxe what is Enchanted for Fortune 2 Efficency 3.

    Condition: ALL brand new! Smells after crafting table!
    Starting bid: 1500 rupees.
    Bid Increments: At least 200 rupees.
    Ending time: Exactly 72 hours after last bid.
    Pick-Up: After auction has ended, buyer will pick up on SMP1 at /v 817!
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  2. The price is lowered PLEASE BID!
  3. This is a good pickaxe for a good price you should bid!
  4. This can't be a bid..
  5. Reply and Why :p
  6. Because the starting bid is 1500 and minimal bid increase is 200. It means that 1700 r is the cheapest price for getting it! Bid 1700, wait 72 hours and the pick is yours!
  7. That makes no sense what so ever.
    The starting bid is 1500 and the bid increment is 200. Since he is the first bidder there is not bid increment.
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  8. My bid still counts Right? :)
  9. Oh yeah TheSpyPie covered it up. You will get your pick soon!
  10. You can't give him the pick before the 72hours ends
  11. I know but I thought noone bids. They did!
  12. That dosnt give you the rights to let him get the pick. You need to wait the fully 72hours after somebodys bid before you can give them the pick. That's the rules, you can't change it =)
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  13. But you should wait the full 72 hours. who knows maybe someone will bid 50k
  14. :D that would rock, but yeah i know!
  15. No I meant that I didn't promise him I give the pick, I just thought no one bids as earlier and he has to wait 72 hours. I didn't mean to promise him that he will get it. I actually didn't want to break the rules. But, now he has to bid more to get it..
  16. About 55 horus left! BID BID BID!
  17. 19 hours left!
  18. +12 hours :D Actually, there is 31 hours left to bid so do it!
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