[Auction] Diamond Uber Picks of Uberness.

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by QuilliamPenn, Mar 23, 2013.

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  1. Selling Two Diamond Enchanted Picks.
    One is Unbreaking III Effi IV Silk I
    The other is Unbreaking III Effi III Silk I

    Starting bid is at 8k
    Minimum bid increment is 100r
    Bidding ends 48 hours after last bidder.
    Happy Bidding :D
    If i sell these you can all expect a LOT more enchanted items being sold by me.
    I mean a LOT.

    Fullscreen capture 3232013 45049 PM.jpg Fullscreen capture 3232013 45055 PM.jpg
  2. Just realized i didn't put the minimum bidding incriments.
    The minimum bid is 1oor
    If a mod could add that into the OP that would be great :D
  3. As in 200k? Or 200 r?
  4. Bump.
    I guess we are going with agold123 bidding 300k.....because 300r would not have been a valid bid :confused:
  5. I really cannot run auctions well.
    In order so that we do not have confusion.
    The current bid is at 200k
    NOT 300k
    God i have not done this in a while.....
  6. I'm pretty sure they meant 200r, not 200k... That's a considerable amount for 2 picks.
  7. Most likely.
    Why do things always go wrong when i host auctions ._.
    I guess we will find out when he gets back on.
    Maybe i will get lucky and he did mean 200k That would be really nice :D
    Otherwise i cannot really move forward with the auction and others can't really bid......
  8. oh its on :mad: 500r
  9. 600. Rupees good sir
  10. 700r gah ur so annoying :p
  11. 1000r :p ----------------------------\/ says it all !
  12. :confused: That escalated quickly! I'm out :p GG
  13. my limit is 10k,

    -just saying. but this one time in band camp, there was this bear. and this guy had a hat on that the bear wanted. so this bear chased the guy till his hat fell off and the bear got it and was like " thanks bro" and then just dipped from the path, and we were all like dammmm
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  14. Well if that's the case i have a 15k limit. so ill see your 1k with 1.1k :D

    also how did get those picks :eek:
  15. they are some awesome picks i would love to have them but your limit seem to out do mine, i just do not know if i should carry on at this point.


    1.2k you evil person you !
  16. I.K.R. 1.3k Good sir. I hope you see this auction is leading no where...
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