[Auction] Diamond Sword Sharpness III Unbreaking III Fire Aspect II

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Should i sell aDiamond Pick Effi IV Unbreaking III Silk I next?

Omgwtfbbq yes whay are you even waiting 6 vote(s) 75.0%
I feel like saying no because i don't want a super awesome pick...... 2 vote(s) 25.0%
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  1. Selling a Diamond Sword enchanted with Sharpness III Unbreaking III Fire Aspect II

    Starting bid is 5k

    Minimum bids of 500r

    Bidding ends 24 hours after last bidder :D
  2. I should really post these when most people in the USA are not asleep -_-
  3. If it would be Sharpness 5 ...
  4. Well its sharpness 4, but it comes with Fire aspect and unbreaking 3 so its still a really good deal :p
  5. Oh what the heck 5k
  6. so is it sharp 3 or 4?
  7. I failed at that somehow
    Becsim is in the lead with 5k......
  8. Spencer is its 3 or 4?!?!??!? Ur auc info says 3 but u earlier said 4
  9. My bad sorry

    It is III
  10. The1Call2Die4 is apparently a liar about his money according to ICC, Becsim is back in the lead with 5k
  11. Bump!
    Becsim1 is still in the lead :D
  12. I think this is an invalid auction because you have not supplied the right information
  13. well u did bid b4 the confusion of it maybe being 4 :/
  14. I will take it for 2k cause all the weird stuff that went on bout it
  15. Uh sorry, It is sharpness III NOT IV, i guess since that was my fault you can take you bid out due to the confusion, if you want to bid on it thats fine but it has to be at the said price
  16. I need to know if you are sticking to your bid, i made a typo while replying to someone else, NOT in the item descreption, You will owe me 5k if you want the sword, not 2k.
    Thinking about it you cannot withdraw bids. There was no confusion about the main post, you went off of a response instead of the main thing, granted i should have fixed the typo or said something sooner, but unless a mod steps in and says otherwise (Totally understandable if they did) you owe me 5k here in a few hours.....

  17. Becsim wins for 5k
    When i have the money i will meet you in town on smp7 with the sword.
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