Auction Diamond Sword Sharpness III,Knockback II and Fire aspect II

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  1. Unused diamond sword with Sharpness III, Knockback II and Fire aspect II

    Starting bid: 4,200
    Increments: 200
    Buy-out: 5000

    Auction will end after 24 hours since last bid or if someone agrees to the buy-out price, I will set up a chest for the winner at my SMP5 lot.
  2. :D This is my first auction.
  3. ill bid 4000
  4. 4500r for it!
  5. yes! 4500r !!!
  6. ZzyborgHD with 4500 rupees for it!24 hours left.
  7. we say 4700r if i can buy it in 2 hour!!
    (am at school be back 14:00-14:30)
  8. Cant sadly Ill be sleeping in 2 hours.But I can reduce the time if im still awake :D Or if there are no higher bids.
  9. Can i buy it now for 5000r??? i want it!!
  10. No one else is bidding ...I guess sold to ZzyborgHD for 5000!
  11. You have to wait until it is 24 hours. about 23 hours left.
    since you already stated the rule in your first post.
    You might get ban for doing this. (I did it on my first auction just because I wanted money and got warned not to do it again.) And your buy now is stated to be 7500.
  12. Yeah but buy out price is 5000
  13. You edited it. I just saw it 7500. now it 5000
  14. No rule against that ...Is there?Sorry this is my first time bidding.Already sold it =/ Hopefully I dont get a ban...