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  1. Description: Diamond pickaxe [ UNBREAKING III, EFFICIENCY IV ]

    Conditions: Never Used / Brand New

    Starting Bid: 2000r

    Minimum Bid Increments: 200r

    Auction End: Auction will end in 24 hours
  2. Please post future auctions in the EMC auctions subforum.
  3. What do you mean and how?
    This is my second auction, the first one had an accidental buy it now price.
  4. Within the Community Marketplace there is another forum EMC Auctions.
    This forum contains the rules for auctions, please read. It also has unique features to help prevent auctions turning bad.
  5. thanks Bigdavie
  6. :D :D u r the one who said u had 200k Hi Xandrow!
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  7. Hey Xandrow IF you win tomorrow i will be at school i'll have to get on about 2 hours after the auction ends
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.