Auction: Diamond Pickaxe with Unbreaking III

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  1. Buy now price: 2500r
    This was a level 46 enchantment :(
  2. Anyone? Please!!! I worked hard for level 50!
  3. oh bad luck on that enchant :(

    unfortunatly i think you might find 5k will be a bit much for most people for just unbreaking III.
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  4. I edited it to a lower price. Hope you guys will bet on it :(
  5. Just a tip: after about a week, somebody bought my diamond pick with unbreaking III for 2000r... Remember that they sadly aren't going to buy it for more just because you were unlucky and had to go to level 50, they're buying the enchantment itself.
  6. I give up, I'll just sell it in-game. Auctions over!
  7. Sorry I know how you feel. Enchantment's shouldn't be random :(