Auction: Diamond Pickaxe with Fortune I

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What is the most sought after enchantment?

Poll closed Jan 27, 2012.
Efficiency 3 vote(s) 33.3%
Unbreaking 6 vote(s) 66.7%
  1. This auction is for an UNUSED Diamond Pickaxe with the enchantment Fortune I. This enchantment can increase the number of blocks dropped while mining.

    Bidding starts at 600 rupees.
    Bids must be an increase of a minimum of 50 rupees. Eg. 600,650,700,750,800, etc.

    Commence! :)

    This auction will run for 12 hours. It will end at 2100 GMT.
  2. 950r.
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  3. Your poll is broken. I couldn't find Silk Touch on it.
  4. Hahah. It's not broken, it's a poll of 2 choices. Silk touch is good, but I thought I would limit it to 2 options.
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  5. Come at me bro 1,100
  6. Auction ends in 10 minutes. At that time I will contact the winning bidder and deliver the item to them.
  7. This auction is now closed. Winning bidder ecto5380. I will contact you now.
  8. Lol, You got pretty much ripped off :confused:
  9. Excuse me? Please explain.
  10. I wouldn't think fortune one is worth 1000r :)
  11. How much would you say it's worth then? This was my first auction.
  12. It's worth whatever people want to pay for it.
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  13. True, but I'd pay max 750r, unless I'm desperate :)