Auction, Diamond Pickaxe : Silktouch l, Unbreaking lll

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  1. ~ Starting bid of 5k ~
    ~ Minimum increase 250r ~
    ~ Auction will end 24hours from latest bid ~
    ~ Winner can claim the pick from my residence SMP3 ~
    ~ The pick is unused ~

    Here is a pic of the pick
  2. Hhhow much to get it now? :p
  3. Sorry, you'll have to wait until bidding's over to get it... If you're the top bidder, that is.
  4. Piggz, it's yours...
  5. Is it still mine or do i have to bid?
  6. 24hours is not yet up, sorry, you still have to bid.
  7. 1Hour and 24minutes more to go, this pick is like 3~4 Silktouch pickaxes!
  8. Congratulations, NurglesRott. You've won the auction and can claim the pick at my residence (SMP3, 6046) after making payment.
  9. Outstanding... I'll try to make payment tomorrow and pick up the next day. I might be slow cause I am working this week but I'll try to make time. Thanks for such a good deal on a great item! :)
  10. Chest set up. You can claim it anytime, thanks. ;)