Auction, Diamond Pickaxe : Silktouch l, Efficiency ll

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  1. ~ Starting bid: 500R ~
    ~ Minimum bid increment: 1ooR ~
    ~ Voting will end 24 hours from latest bid. ~
    ~ I can set up a chest for you or bring it to your lot. (SMP3) ~

    ~ The pickaxe is 100% unused! ~
    ~ Accepting rupees only ~

    Here's a pic of it.
    (Sorry for not using default texture to ss)
  2. 5000r opening bid :)
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  3. Whoa that was fast! 10x of starting bid :rolleyes:! Who will outbid the moderator?!
  4. Many would outbid me, silk touch is a highly sought after enchantment, normally going for 15-20k :)
  5. lol thats to high for me
  6. I've noticed
  7. I think I see a winner
    Whoa really that much? I always thought it'd sell for 10k+ max
  8. So... We gonna wait 24 hours or do I just win :D
  9. To be fair, we'll have to wait. Sorry.