Auction: Diamond Pickaxe: Silk Touch 1, Unbreaking 3, Efficiency 2

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    • Diamond Pickaxe, Unbreaking III Efficiency II Silk Touch I; Used 5 times...
    • Minimum Bid: 5000r
    • Auction ends 24 hours after last bid
    • I will set up a room where you buy the pickaxe froma chest, I will give you access to the door into the room, makes it MUCH safer.
    • Minimum Increment: 500r
    • Fooling around will result in exclusion from further auctions.
    • Buy Now Price: 20k rupees.
  2. Alrught Josh, so far you have the high bid at 5000r. And dont say no duh...-bump-
  3. High Bid: 5.5k!
  4. Don't bump your threads. It's unfair on other topics.
  5. High Bid: 6.5k rupees!
  6. High Bid: 7k Rupees!
  7. High Bid: 8k rupees!

    zSlumDog-Make 'em take an arrow to the knee!!
  8. High Bid: 9000 rupees!
  9. 10000 will that be enouhg