[Auction]Diamond pickaxe Silk touch 1 effiency 4

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  1. 1.Diamond Pickaxe silk Touch 1 Efficiency 4
    2.Diamond Pickaxe Silk Touch 1
    3. Diamond Sword Sharpness 3 knockback 2 looting 3
    4. 4 stacks(256) slime balls

    Starting Bid:500 rupees
    Minimium Bid Increasement:250 rupees
    Auction will End After 24 Hours After The Last Bid
  2. 1,250r
  3. pwozl is in the lead for 1,250r
  4. LamSaj is in the lead with 1,5k
  5. LamSaj is still in the lead for 1.5k
  6. 1,750r
  7. moyaboya is in the lead for 2k
  8. I think that this auction may be invalid. If I remember correctly, you cannot put in normal, non-enchanted items in an auction UNLESS it is a double chest's worth of said non-enchanted item.
  9. Herbrin3 is in the lead with 2,250 rupees
  10. This auction is Invalid, You can only Auction the following:

    Dragon Eggs
    Enchantments (Alone,With no other items)
    Double chest filled with everything stacks of 64 (Must be ALL Same item )
  11. really then this auction is closed
    sorry guys i didnt know :(
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.