[AUCTION] Diamond Pickaxe Fortune III Unbreaking III

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    Fortune III + Unbreaking III

    The pickaxe is unused!

    Starting Bid: 2500r

    Minimum Bid Increments: 300r

    Auction ends 12.6.2012 (a week)
  2. 2.5k

    Did you mean that it ends 12.7.12 ?
  3. chrisdog....I think this should be in Community AUCTIONS. Not Community Marketplace.
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  4. Ops! Dammit!
  5. Yep! I going to Iceland soon!
  6. Noone else wana bid?
  7. Remember 2,5k for a fortune III unbreaking III is REALLY cheap!
  8. Dragon_King told me he wanted it for 3k. But he need to post it here :D
  9. I'm I still in the lead?
  10. Dont say that.
  11. Sorry Lol
  12. How long to go?